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Hash Crack is a software program for hashes and passwords cracking.

Hash Crack use dictionary or set of symbols for hashes cracking, and also support pwdump file format for Windows passwords cracking NTHash MD4.

- Crack list of hashes or pwdump file format for MD4 NTHash
- Hash functions: MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
- Crack with dictionary text file
- Crack with set of symbols

Hash cryptographic function is a one way function that creates hash from some value and cannot be reversed.
For example MD4 hash function for value password1 creates hash E2E0D780CC30CCFBD1BBCF196B97A735 and it is one way function, it is not possible from the hash to get back to value password1.

Hash functions are used also in information technology security, for cryptography, communication, password storage …

Windows operating systems store user passwords in hash format, when the user first time creates password the operating system transform the password with hash functions LM and NT(MD4) and save the hashes to the system registry.

These hashes can be extracted with programs as pwdump.exe

Example of usage and result of pwdump.exe, the right most hash is NTHash (MD4).
C:\>pwdump.exe -o hashes.txt windowsxp

Hash cryptographic function is a one way cannot be reversed, but the hash can be cracked creating hashes from different values for example from dictionary and comparing generated hashes with the target hash.

Hash Crack use dictionary or set of symbols, creates hashes based on these values and compares them to the target hash.

- Hash Crack.doc – documentation
- HashCrack.exe – program executable
- Org.Mentalis.SecurityServices.dll –library used by the program, must be present in the same directory of the executable.

Example code
// Instantiate crypthographic providers
private static MD4 md4 = new MD4CryptoServiceProvider();

// String builder for hash keys generation
private static StringBuilder stringBuilder = new StringBuilder();

/// <summary>
/// Generate MD4 hash, Window use this hash as NTHash for passwords hashing. 
/// </summary>
/// <param name="text">Text to use for hash generation.</param>
/// <returns>Hash key in hexadecimal uppercase format.</returns>
public static string GetMD4(string text)
    // Compute hash using text value
    byte[] data = md4.ComputeHash(Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(text));
    stringBuilder.Remove(0, stringBuilder.Length); // Clear eventual previous content

    // Foreach number in the result
    for (int i = 0; i < data.Length; i++)
        // Append in string builder in hexadecimal upper format

    // Return hash key in hexadecimal upper format
    return stringBuilder.ToString();

- Net Framework 2.0
- Windows 2000 or more (XP, 2003, Win7 …)
- Visual Studio 2005 or more

- 2011/02/24 Version 1.0

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